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REMEMBER: A "Good" author, or even a "Great" one, does their best to be unique with their ideas for a magical universe, and avoids God-moding (aka, where a character is impossible to defeat, despite little training, etc etc.) A "Wise" author ALSO remembers, that every spell can be counter-attacked, or canceled all together, with another one. Spells are an endless cycle of attack and counter-attack, start and cancel, and many can, like medicine, have a greater, or worse, effect, if combined.

Now then, this list contains spells that I myself came up with. They are not Harry Potter spells, so please look elsewhere for those. If you have a unique spell that you are fine with others using for any reason, without credit to you, feel free to leave it in the comments section!

Likewise, these spells are for use of ANYone, with NO credit needed, to be used in ANY means they desire; books, comics, fanfics, etc etc. However, I would still recommend coming up with a unique twist for any spells you choose to use, because personal-touch is always the best medicine from having 100 stories all using the same magical spells and settings. :)

FINAL NOTICE: I tried to stray away from overly-common seen spells, but sometimes you just can't avoid them. Again, it's up to you to find a unique twist to make them into something all the more creative and mind-boggling.


Fire Axe
How It Works: The user summons a physically holdable "axe" of pure fire. The magic itself lies in the fact that the fire does not burn the user, but will burn all else who touches it.
Weakness: If the enemy uses another strong fire spell, both spells will be canceled out on impact. Cannot actually "chop" through things like a real axe. Useless against stone.

Fire Shield
How It Works: User summons an instantly-appearing shield made of fire. Strength and size of shield depends on strength and magical abilities of user.
Weakness: Disappears as soon as it's hit (therefore good for blocking one quick attack). It can be re-summoned over and over as needed, but each time it grows smaller and weaker.

Fire Wave
How It Works: Using both hands, user can create a "wave" of fire to descend over their enemy(ies). Size and power of "wave" depends on the strength and abilities of user.
Weakness: Takes a lot of magical energy. Cancelled against water-based attacks, and useless against stone.

Fire Ring
How It Works: Another type of shield, this one actually surrounds the user's entire body, effective if being attacked by multiple enemies. Stronger than a typical fire shield.
Weakness: All the user's focus must be put into keeping the shield in tact on all sides. If you only focus on what's in front of you, for instance, an enemy's attack may sever or destroy the back of the "ring" and hit you. Once the ring is broken, it disappears.


Water Snake
How It Works: The user (using a nearby body of water), can create a winding "whip" around their body, that 1.) Shields them from certain attacks, and 2.) The tip lashes out like a snake at the enemy, and/or their attacks, such as punches. Good for longer-range attacks.
Weakness: Not a very strong or effective spell. Better used for weaker enemies who took a physical approach rather than a magical one. Water Snake turns back into normal water once user is hit by enemy or is done using it. Can not be used as a "rope".

Liquid Transportation
How It Works: If you find a puddle of water, mud, etc., the user can preform a transportation spell on it that allows them to travel to another puddle of the same liquid.
Weakness: You can't guarantee where you may wind up. If you used a puddle of mud, you'll come out of the second mud puddle muddy. Or wet, if using water, etc. You generally won't travel very far, depending on your magical skill.

How It Works: A good spell if the user is falling to their doom onto hard rocks or whatnot, this spell allows them to transform whatever solid they're about to hit, into a pool of water.
Weakness: Cannot create larges bodies of water such as lakes or oceans with this spell; only small pools just big enough for them to fall into. Spell can be cancelled using next spell on list:

How It Works: Opposite of above. If a user wants to avoid letting an enemy escape using water, they can turn the water into a solid. Many powerful users use this spell to hide important objects in pools of water, then turn the water into rocks in order to hide the item's whereabouts.
Weakness: Can be cancelled using the spell above, making both spells potentially very dangerous.


Penetrate Stone
How It Works: For physically strong magic users, they can summon a magical "punch", either at a distance using physical energy, or with their magically souped-up fist, to create holes in stone walls/boulders.
Weakness: Loud. Make holes too deep and the stone will collapse. Takes a lot of physical energy that will tire any user out rather quickly.

Revive Plant Life
How It Works: User can magically revive dead plant-life they find. Users a bit more powerful can revive entire forests. Anywhere that can maintain plant life, is a place where a user can create their own plant-life, if they have a seed.
Weakness: Cannot create whole farms, but can revive farm plants. Does not work on areas where the soil does not support plant life. Plants revived using magic, often end up developing magically properties themselves. Therefore, dark-magic users often create cursed and poisonous plants. This can also happen to good magic-users if they revive a plant on tainted/cursed but still fertile soil.

Minor Healing
How It Works: Good for removing scars and healing broken bones quicker, users can magically mend skin and bones. More powerful users can do it instantly; less experienced users must have their magic work over time.
Weakness: None, simply depends on the skill and power of user.

Major/Life Healing
How It Works: For users who want to save a life, they can summon major healing magic. However, this magic often requires the use of a spell item (to the author's choosing), such as a Life Stone, Healing Plant, etc. (Items made up on spot- be creative.)
Weakness: Costs the user some years off of his/her own life, along with a sacrifice of their own blood (a good amount of it). Also takes up all of their energy and magical-power to preform.

Dark Magic users are considered highly-powerful and fatally dangerous, therefore, so are their spells.

Soul Steal
How It Works: Dark users can, using special objects and chants, literally suck the soul out out their enemy, to either be kept or cast into hell.
Weakness: The spell takes a while to fully remove the soul, and is easily interrupted (therefore, preforming it in a secluded place is recommended). Souls that escape, return to the body.

Demon Summoning
How It Works: Dark users can summon demons, from small henchmen to huge, flesh-eating ones, from the pits of Hell, and command them to fight their enemies.
Weakness: Upon a powerful demon's descent back to Hell, they are required to take a soul with them. If the dark user does not present them with their enemy's soul, the demon takes theirs, instead.

Curse of Time
How It Works: Only able to be used by the most powerful of dark users, the Curse of Time is a spell where they can time travel to any one place or time in history, and make changes to it as they see fit.
Weakness: This spell costs them their life- once they return to their normal time period, they die. HOWEVER, if the dark user's enemies follow them into the past and (or the people in the actual past) protect it, resulting in nothing being changed when they go back to their normal time, no one dies. But the spell is still only a one-time use.

Curse of Sin
How It Works: Dark users can possess an enemy to become their henchman and do their bidding.
Weakness: The spell wears off over time.

Illusion-airy Torture
How It Works: Dark users can make their enemy see and believe that they are trapped in horrible torture devices, and then actually feel the pain, rendering them completely helpless.
Weakness: In reality, no actual damage is being caused to their physical bodies. (They just think it is.)


How It Works: Users can use either their mind, or magical energy, to lift and control objects.
Weakness: They can only lift objects as heavy as they could lift themselves physically.

Spell of Illusions
How It Works: Users can put a spell/curse on certain areas (size of the area depends on the magical abilities of the user) that make whomever enters it, suddenly go into an illusion-airy state. The state they enter depends on how the spell/curse maker decides. For example, the person stuck in the illusion could think they were back home, or stuck in an endless fight, when in reality, they are simply standing in one spot (or sleeping).
Weakness: The spell always has a "hole" in a random spot inside the illusion. If the person caught in the illusion can find the "hole", they can escape the illusion. (For example, the "hole" may be defeating the boss monster in the illusion, or going through a certain door, again, in the illusion.) There are also techniques that allow other users to enter an illusion and help someone escape.

Magic Compass
How It Works: Users can use this spell on an animal or object (typically a small pebble, or a bird), of which will in turn, go in the direction of the user's destination. The spell is harmless.
Weakness: It wears off extremely quickly, so you must keep an eye on the object/animal and go in the initial direction it takes off in before the spell fades, or you'll wind up following the actual bird or object itself after the spell is gone, getting yourself lost.

Air Purification
How It Works: Powerful spiritual users can use this spell to purify the air and land in a specific area, to help stop dark magic users and their enemies from getting to them.
Weakness: The "purified air" is drawn from trees and plant life, so the area must be filled with them, such as a forest. Also, dark users can possess normal creatures and use them to gain entrance into the purified area.

Sense a Presence
How It Works: Users must clear their mind completely, and then can use their magic to amp their senses in order to learn of any unwanted presences around them.
Weakness: If you get distracted, the spell may not work correctly, and you will either hear unimportant things such as small animals, or miss big threats all together. Also, it takes a while to relax and clear your mind enough to sense things, sometimes making it become too late.

Withdraw Magic
How It Works: If a user finds a powerful magical item that they feel others should not use, they can extract the magical energy out of the item, making it another normal object.
Weakness: The magical energy withdrawn disappears; it does not go to the user. The magic can also be restored to the item by whoever created the item in the first place.

Spell of Confucius (Bad Pun. Meant 'Confusion'.)
How It Works: Using motion, vibration, and a small dose of illusion, a user can make their enemy feel like they're standing on swaying, unstable ground, and cause them slight confusion. Good for messing up an enemy's attacks.
Weakness: Only temporary. After so many uses, becomes useless and no long effects the enemy.

Yeah. You're welcome.

Also, I have no idea what category I should put this under. FFFFFUUUUUUU-

Anyway, these are some spells I randomly came up with. They are NOT Harry Potter spells- they are normal, magical, fantasy spells. I couldn't find an actual decent list anywhere on dA (that wasn't about Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, D&D, etc,) so I made my own. Hopefully others will get a good creative-boost from these, as well. I'm also constantly adding more to the list.

Feel free to suggest some of your own, but if you do, remember that they are for ANYONE to use, in ANY way! If you're not okay with people using your spell ideas, please do NOT suggest them in the comments, as they WILL be put on this list. I may also edit them as I see fit, in order to make them fit with the "Name", "How It Works", and "Weakness" categories the rest of the spells are under.

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Hades-Angel13 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
Hello. I would like to contribute a real spell that actually works. Side note, I am an actual witch and this spell does work. I have used it many times with no problems.
If you have any questions about it, please ask me. Also, if you wish for me to create a spell for you or anyone else, please contact me.
Here is the link.…
Choco-Chan123 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
There are spells that actually work. I'm a witch and it was quite fun trying to change my eye colour. It actually works. 
JessiStar Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love it! These are very practical unlike some other spells I heard of.
inubasket Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! Yeah, it seems like everywhere I looked for spells it was either Harry Potter spells, Wiccan spells, or spells unique to some book/comic/etc. I couldn't find a list of just... normal elemental spells lol. Hence this list xD
xxmarehxx Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
These spells are awesome! I'm working on my own story that involves magic and these are amazing references!
inubasket Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you (: Are you going to put the story on dA? I will keep an eye out for it! I love me some magical fantasies hahaha
xxmarehxx Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I might. I have one chapter done and I wanna add a bit more detail to it (one of my friends said I should) So I might post it but I'm not sure if I will yet.
swordforge Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
a fire ax is comin but a ax of water is a bit more unusual and why did you put earth spells and healing spells to gether other than that prity good
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